Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi. Source: Instagram

Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has accused ”anti-corruption” officials of plotting to arrest him.

But Alimi was not specific as to the anti-corruption outfit in Nigeria after him.

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He said that he noticed he was being followed by some unnamed officials as he attended an anti-corruption conference in Denmark.

The gay rights activist said he found their presence unsettling and they’ve been following him closely in what he called a menacing manner.

“You know you are either important or a threat when you have your country’s Anti Corruption officials following you around at an Anti Corruption conference,” he wrote on his social media platforms.

“See not that I give a two cent, but I will also like to say, I find their presence around a little unsettling.

“Aside from that, it is really nice to see LGBT issues being linked to global corruption conversation for the first time and thanks to Matt Beard and AllOut for giving me and Bisi Alimi Foundation the opportunity to speak on this issue at the Transparency International Conference.

“At least, I know one thing for sure, I wont go missing in Denmark.”