The General Overseer of Reformation Pentecostal Chapel, Bishop Dare David, has called on husbands particularly clerics to hug their wives proudly and fondly in the public.

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He pointed out that most men of God were in the habit of snubbing their wives publicly, calling them hypocrites and pretenders.

“Many times men push their wives away in public; you hardly see them play or laugh together,” he told NAN.

“Sometimes, if not for their outfits you do not even know they are married. We men of God are especially guilty of this because we are too busy and we want to present ourselves as respectable.

“The Bible urges that you love your wife without condition. It is not written that a man should show love only in the home.

“What is wrong with holding one’s wife’s hand in the public or hugging her? Yet, we do all this in the secrecy of our homes; it is simply hypocrisy.”

He also said: “Men should dance with their wives at home, take a walk, take her out on a date, go to the cinemas with her, make her feel loved and give her attention.”