Donald Duke

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Donald Duke, has promised to fix the electricity problem in the country within three years if elected president.

The former governor of Cross River state made this known in an interview on Channels television on Sunday.

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Reeling out his plans and programmes, the SDP candidate believes the country must leverage its abundance of gas.

Duke said; “Maximum of 36 months the electricity problem will be solved.”

“This is a nation that flares until recently 2.5 billion cubic feet of gas – that is equivalent to about 25 million litres of diesel.

“Get manufacturing off the national grid, put them on gas. I will charge the gas relatively low, really low because you are flaring it.

“Leave domestic and small scale (businesses) on the national grid. In 24 months, you can have a national gas grid; in 24 months, you can have gas throughout this country if you are serious,” he added.

The former governor, however, said the nation should “have a nationwide gas grid where literally in every senatorial district there is gas”.

Duke is confident that the steps he highlighted will not only put an end to the electricity problems in the country but also encourage investment if the manufacturing industries are charged with low interests.