Harry Kane

Sergio Ramos believes Harry Kane has the skillset to thrive in La Liga, as he prepares to face the England striker with Spain.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming UEFA Nations clash with Gareth Southgate on Monday night, live on Sky Sports, Ramos name-dropped Kane when asked which England players could cut it in the Spanish top flight.

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“You maybe concentrate on the physical in the Premier League, but there is also very important technical players,” said Ramos.

“I’ll start with Harry Kane. He’s a physically fantastic striker, but also technically he surprises you.

“He might surprise a lot of people, but not me.

“He’s great technically but there is also other technical players who are dangerous and I can assure you we’ve been studying them, watching them on videos.”

The Real Madrid man has also stated a victory over England would be “big news” around the world and that he would love to defeat “the inventors of football.”