CBN To Sanction Banks Over Failed e-Transactions
CBN heaadquarters. Image: Guardian Nigeria

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) have commended the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for banning the spraying of money at parties.

CBN spokesperson, Isaac Okoroafor, had said anyone caught spraying faces a fine of N50,000 or six months imprisonment.

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In a statement on Monday sent to Concise News by the Director of Muric, Professor Ishaq Akintola, the group described the ban as long overdue.

The group also appealed to the law enforcement agencies to enforce the ban in the interest of the coming generation.

The statement reads in part: “We hail CBN for the ban on spraying at parties. It is a nauseating practice. Ours is a culture of waste. We are so materialistic today that we have forsaken our core values. We worship money even in the house of God. Spraying money at parties is flamboyance. Those who do it are cutting their noses to spite their faces. They are inducing greed and encouraging crime.

“What do you expect when people who have not taken any meal throughout the day watch you spraying money so recklessly as if you are throwing ordinary pieces of paper? You may attract armed robbers to yourself as you spray money at parties. Hoodlums may surround you or trail you when you leave. The CBN ban on spraying is therefore capable of reducing crime in society.

“Apart from that, we live in a country where the average person lives on less than $1 per day. Per capita income is less than $300. More than 80% Nigerians live below poverty level. The average worker lives from hand to mouth while a majority of Nigerian students manage to survive on one meal per day. It is either 1 – 0 – 0 or 0 – 0 – 1.

“The question MURIC is asking is this: how can any Nigerian, acting in good conscience, come out boldly to spray money in such circumstance? We have seen the faces of hungry youths hanging around party venues waiting for left-overs from the tables of party-goers. The pain in their eyes strikes our hearts with grief as we watch fellow Nigerians spraying money on the dance floor. It is heartless.

“Parents prefer to turn their children into money-spinners. This has led many parents to use their children for money ritual. It has led many parents to force their daughters to marry rich men who do not care about their happiness. It has also led many parents to close their eyes to the criminal sources of their children’s wealth. Our society has drifted and we need iron hands to instill discipline in society.

“Even the Nigerian electorate has been misled. Stomach infrastructure is valued above long-term investment. The government of the State of Osun was recently punished by voters in the state for building good roads, bridges, modern school buildings, etc. Nobody complained that the state governor stole one kobo but they rebelled against him for investing their money in infrastructure.

“The verdict shows that Nigeria scored zero in voter education. It is also a strong pointer to the level of awareness of citizens’ rights in our society. People are not thinking of tomorrow. Neither are they appreciating leaders who plan for the future. We are in a hurry to eat up our tomorrow today. Consumerism leads us by our noses. It is a pity.”