Shehu Sani
Senator Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani (APC-Kaduna Central) has dismissed allegations that he offered N10 million bribe to the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) electoral panel that conducted the party’s primary in Kaduna.

The Chairman of the APC Electoral Panel, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen, had accused Sani of offering the committee N10 million bribe to get an automatic ticket.

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Iduoriyekemwen accused the lawmaker of trying to offer the bribe through a member of the committee in order to influence the outcome of the recently held primaries.

In a statement on Friday, the lawmaker described the allegations as “condensed lie and falsehood.”

He stated that the allegation was the handiwork of some unnamed officials of the Kaduna state Government who were bent on tarnishing the name of the senator.

Sani said: “The attention of the distinguished Senator Shehu Sani has been drawn to a fresh regime of lies disseminated and peddled by the APC Kaduna Central primary panel chair as supported by elements of the Kaduna State Government that distinguished Senator Shehu Sani had, through a proxy, offered to “Bribe” the chair of the  electoral panel with the sum of N10m which he “rejected.”

“That is nothing but a condensed lie and outright falsehood.

“The distinguished Senator never delegated anyone to act on his behalf as far as the mischievous allegations are concerned.

“The distinguished senator had made it publicly known before the illegal primaries that he would not partake in an exercise that clearly violated the rules of the party and a court order obtained by the Governor’s candidate Uba Sani.

“The APC primary election committee was hosted and monopolized by the state governor’s aide in a hotel. It’s inconceivable that the senator will contemplate engaging in such an unwholesome and immoral act.

“The position of the distinguished senator remains that the so-called primaries were illegal and nothing but a futile premeditated exercise aimed at producing Uba Sani as the party’s candidate.

“The said ‘bribe’ is an afterthought and nothing but a work of fiction by a panel that did the bidding of Uba Sani and his cohorts. Distinguished Senator Shehu Sani remains the only candidate cleared to contest the Kaduna central APC.”