Bola Tinubu

Spokesperson of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, has again attacked the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Odumakin had on Wednesday condemned the former Lagos State governor’s suggestion that the Federal Government should take over unoccupied land in Nigeria and convert them to grazing reserves as a solution to the incessant clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

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Reacting in a statement on Wednesday through his media aide, Tunde Rahman, Tinubu noted that Odumakin did not read his full speech before deciding to attack him.

Rahman said: “Asiwaju Tinubu did not mention South-West in particular and what he said had a context to it: ‘Unoccupied, isolated land can quickly be turned into grazing areas in the affected states’.

“It is not only some states in the South-West that are affected but several states across the country. Why Odumakin suddenly gets hot under the collar may not be far-fetched.”

Responding on Thursday to Tinubu’s statement, Odumakin accused the APC chieftain of maintaining sinful silence as herdsmen launched vicious attacks on the South West and other sections of the country.

The statement reads: “I have gone through the hiding-behind-a-finger response by former Lagos State Governor, Senator Bola Tinubu to Afenifere’s disagreement with his “suggestion” that the Federal Government should take over unoccupied and isolated lands in the country and convert them into grazing reserve, a demand Miyeeti Allah has always put on the table.

“But for someone who has lived a life of denials, there is nothing for Tinubu to rebut in the offensive suggestion as all his playing with the intelligence of the public only said he did not mention the South West in the suggestion as if the zone is not part of Nigeria.

“Assuming this is even true, Afenifere means that the good we want for ourselves is what we want for others. We would not support any suggestion that put any section of the country in harm’s way.

“That Tinubu has maintained sinful silence as herdsmen launched vicious attacks on the South West and other sections of the country with thousands of lives lost in the last three years does not remove the fact those who wear the shoe know where it pinches.

“He can play all the ostrich he wants but we know he was mute when herdsmen kidnapped Chief OluFalae. He could not find his voice when herders killed people in hordes in Yewa, Oke Ogun, Akure, Ekiti and the Middle Belt.

“Neither did I hear a word from Tinubu when herdsmen kidnapped and killed a Permanent Secretary in Osun(where Tinubu and I are from). How can he say South West is not part of the affected states in a desperate bid to be in the good book of Meyitti Allah and its patrons?

“It is also a total disintegration for Tinubu who postures as a federalist when it suits him to suggest that the Federal Government should “take over” lands that are vested in the Governors for the use of Cattle herders who are doing private business and who should apply to the State Executives for land allocation if they want to do ranches.

“Let Tinubu know that he has found himself in a hole on this and it is better for him to stop digging. I have seen the disingenuous attempt to divert this into personal attacks in order to blur the issue in focus and which is why I have made this response personal to show that however, he takes this fundamental issue that affects the lives of people all over Nigeria, like Fela Anikulapo “I go open book for am”.

“I do not intend to join issues with him in all the personal attacks and insinuations of disorder of the mind. Why should I when I know that it is chronic abusers of substance that are more prone to suffer from such. Thank God I am not one of them.”