Nigeria's Poverty Level On Steady Rise - Global Body
President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria has been named among nations with the highest level of inequality between its rich and poor by a global civil society body OXFAM.

OXFAM noted that the West African nation’s budget on education, health and social protection is abysmally low, leading to rising poverty level.

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“One in 10 children in Nigeria does not reach their fifth birthday, and more than 10 million children do not go to school. Sixty percent of these are girls,” the report said

The index titled Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index (CRI Index) reveals rising of labour rights violations.

“The IMF has given clear advice on the importance of tackling inequality, referring to Nigeria’s score in the CRI Index,” the report added.

“The president of the country has also said that tackling inequality is important, as inequality leads to political instability. Yet little has been done.”

OXFAM ranked 157 countries on social spending, tax, and labour right policies believed to reduce affect gaps between the rich and the poor.

Some other nation with high inequality ranking are; Uzbekistan-156, Haiti-155, Chad-154 and Sierra Leone -153.