DSS Operatives

After about 64 days of debriefing, former Department of State Services (DSS) Director-General Lawal Daura has been released from custody and his security aides restored.

It was learnt that some of his associates are pushing for a key role for him in the President Muhammadu Buhari re-election campaign.

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Although he was in charge of security during the 2015 Presidential Campaign, it was unclear which specific role might be assigned to him.

Daura, who was removed on August 7, 2018, had been in a safe house for debriefing as a former head of an intelligence agency.

According to sources, Daura was released on Tuesday to rejoin his family.

Speaking with The Nation, a source said: “He was released on Tuesday and he has rejoined his family accordingly.

“During his debriefing, he insisted that he acted in the national interest in deploying operatives in the National Assembly. He also described the allegation of being a mole in the government as ‘utter balderdash.’ He protested what he described as maltreatment by the government.

“The Inspector -General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, in his report, claimed that Daura ‘acted unilaterally, without informing the Presidency. He did not share or intimate other security agencies on the unlawful operations’. It is left to President Muhammadu Buhari to decide whether the ex-DSS boss has a case to answer.

“Don’t forget that the sack of Daura was greeted with discordant tunes in the Presidency and Buhari’s cabinet.”

But there were speculations last night that Daura had been “restricted” from talking to the press.

One of his associates, however, denied that Daura had been restricted or banned from speaking to newsmen.

Another source said: “Some members of the kitchen cabinet and powerful forces in government still believe Daura should play a key role in the re-election campaign of Buhari.

“Some have recommended him for intelligence back up for the campaign but a few others have made a strong case for his return to security desk like the case in 2015. I think the details of the role he will play will emerge in the next few weeks.”