England women

The FA has apologised after it was accused of sexism over a tweet posted from the official England Women’s team Twitter account.

On Tuesday, the ‘@Lionesses’ account tweeted a picture of the England Women’s team before their match against Australia, with the caption: “Scrub up well, don’t they?”

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Several users posted comments saying the caption was sexist.

The FA deleted the tweet on Wednesday and has now released an official apology.

A spokesperson said: “We have removed the tweet and apologise for any offence caused.”

It is not the first time this year the FA have apologised for content released on their Twitter accounts.

In April, they wrote to Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur to apologise for a tweet they posted following the Red Devils’ 2-1 win in the FA Cup semi-finals.

A message from the FA to the FA Cup feed showed United defender Chris Smalling replying “Harry Kane” to a mocked-up question which read “Chris, what’s in your pocket?”

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino was unhappy with the FA’s conduct, and described the tweet as “embarrassing”.