Mohammed Dewji

Africa’s youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji has been kidnapped by masked gunmen in Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam, police say.

Dewji was abducted outside a swanky hotel gym where he was going for his routine morning workout.

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Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident and two of the abductors were believed to be foreign nationals, police added.

The motive for Dewji’s abduction is still unclear.

Environment Minister January Makamba, a friend of Dewji, tweeted that he had spoken to Dewji’s father and the family confirmed that he had been kidnapped.

The kidnappers fired shots in the air before driving away with the billionaire, eyewitnesses said.

Dewji, a fitness enthusiast, had no security guards with him and had driven to the gym in an affluent suburb on his own, Dar es Salaam regional police commissioner Paul Makonda told reporters.

Two of the kidnappers were white men, he added.