Pastor Chris' Daughter Reveals How Husband Ask Her Out
Image: Twitter

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome did not stop his former wife Anita from attending their daughter Sharon’s wedding over the weekend, a source at Christ Embassy has revealed.

Sharon, over the weekend in Lagos, got wedded to her heartthrob Phillip Frimpong with her mother missing from the event.

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With rumors making rounds that the revered clergyman barred his wife from attending the event, a source has opened up on why Anita did not show up.

“She must have felt left out of everything since Sharon lived with her dad,” the source told Kemiashefonlovehaven.

“The wedding was more of a Christ Embassy ‘event’ and everyone was present. Maybe she would have felt uncomfortable with the members and pastors around.

“Not only that, the Oyakhilome family were all present and she might have felt funny what with the drama she pulled before and after the divorce.”

Speaking further, the source dismissed reports that she (Anita) was stopped from attending the wedding by her former lover.

“It’s not possible for the man of God to have done that,” the source added.

“He is a peace-loving person and even if such happened, Anita, who is known to have been vocal since the divorce took place, must have taken to social media to express herself.

“I think she just didn’t feel up to handling what would have happened at the event.”