Ogooluwa Folorunsho

A resident of Lagos Oluwaseun Folorunsho has accused a private medical facility in Lagos State Oak Hospital of killing her one-year-old son, Ogooluwa.

Narrating her ordeal, the 43-year-old mother claimed that workers at the hospital prescribed and administered drugs meant for her four-year-old son, Imole, to Ogooluwa.

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According to her, the wrong prescription led to his death.

Concise News learned that the mother of the deceased child had on Saturday, September 22, 2018, rushed her two sons to the hospital as both had cough and were vomiting.

A medical test on the children revealed that they both had malaria and an unnamed infection, leading to their being admitted to the hospital.

However, while drips were placed on Imole, Ogooluwa was reportedly given injections.

She said, “On Sunday, Imole, who is the elder, started running a temperature. I called the attention of the doctor to it and he said I should not worry that he would be fine. He said his younger brother was already playing. In the afternoon, one of the nurses came with three injections for Ogooluwa.

“I noticed that she used big syringes to give him the injections. She gave him two injections on the thigh and when she was about to give him the third, the liquid escaped from the syringe. She said she would come back to do it again, but she never did.

“When Ogoololuwa woke up from sleep, he asked for water. He drank a lot of water. In the evening, the doctor came to check his heartbeat and said he was perfectly normal and he would discharge him. But I told him that the elder brother had not been eating.

“He said he would give us drugs and he would also be fine. The doctor discharged the kids and placed them on drugs. While my husband went to clear the bills, the younger boy excreted; the smell was bad and yellowish. I thought it was the injection they gave him. He excreted three times before we left the hospital.”

Oluwaseun added that when she got home and brought out the drugs, she noticed that the nylon which had Ogooluwa’s name had six drugs, while the one with the elder brother’s name had four drugs.