President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is set to shuffle his top generals as he needs to tackle a number of huge foreign policy challenges over the coming months, a media report said.

Senior officers were being considered for several top military posts at the White House, CNN reported on Sunday.

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Defense Secretary James Mattis was cited as one of the key figures to make recommendations for the new nominations.

Any nominations will have to be confirmed by the Republican-held US Senate first.

Four-star Air Force General Paul Selva was mentioned as one of the top figures, who is set to retire in early 2019.

He is tasked with “overseeing highly classified nuclear weapons procedures, as well as military oversight of billions of dollars in budgeting and new weapons acquisitions,” read the report.

One potential candidate to replace Selva is US Army four-star General Vincent Brooks, who oversees the US military command in South Korea.

The President is also scheduled to select a new chairman of the joint chiefs later in 2019.

Other senior commanders overseeing key geographic areas were also set to retire, making nominations even more difficult for the American commander in chief.

The reshuffling comes amid escalating tensions between the US and other superpowers, most notably China.