Drug Abuse: Niger Govt Task Parents On Proper Child Upbringing

The Niger Government has called on parents to monitor their teenage children against drug abuse in order to reduce crimes in the society.

The state Commissioner for Education, Hajiya Fatima Madugu, said that it was wrong and dangerous for parents to leave their children and wards’ surveillance solely to teachers and house helps.

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She, therefore, advised parents and guardians to pay close attention to their children by knowing their friends and acquaintances.

It is harmful for parents to allow any lad to be a friend to their children or ward; I say this because every child has different background, and they come along with different traits to school.

“This is why parents should monitor their children and wards by going as far as searching their school bags occasionally, and even their pockets, to know what content they have there,” she said.

She also added that peer group had a lot of role to play in influencing the attitude of the children, urging parents to be mindful of such influences.

“It is a necessity for parents to instill discipline of no to self medication to their children.

“Parents should not allow their children or wards take drugs indiscriminately; rather, they should be in the know of any medication,” she said.