Daddy Freeze Fires Back At Adeboyes After Threat
Freeze. Photo credit: Instagram.

Radio personality Daddy Freeze has responded to Pastor Leke Adeboye and his mother by throwing his weight behind former presidential media aide Reno Omokri’s viral tweet concerning white weddings.

Omokri tweeted, “Church marriage or White Wedding, originated in the Catholic Church in the year 1563. There is NOTHING Christian about it and EVERYTHING European about it. It is not even in The Bible. Your native African marriage is as valid, in God’s sight, as a White Wedding”.

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In his response, freeze said: “Absolute truth! Jesus attended a traditional wedding o, NOT A CHURCH WEDDING O. If na me talk am now una go begin vex. Reno is an ordained pastor. Mummy GO and sons, both spiritual and biological, over to you!”

Freeze had reacted to a sermon by Folake, the wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Enoch Adeboye, advising youths to seek the counsel of their pastors first before their parents when they decide they want to get married.

In his reaction, Daddy Freeze said, “are these people beginning to manifest early signs of senility. These teachings have no recourse to the Bible! Jesus himself said you shouldn’t give money meant for your parents to the temple, let alone this trash.”

Displeased by his reaction, Son of Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Leke Adeboye, said he will come after controversial radio personality Daddy Freeze.

Leke also advised the radio personality not to take the sermon out of context.