Halima Abubakar weight
Halima Abubakar: Image: Premium Times

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has said that she slimmed down due to health reasons and not to make any man happy.

Halima’s new slim physique had attracted comments from fans and foes alike with many saying that she did that due to pressure from her man.

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She, however, said she is not bothered over comments by fans, revealing that she achieved her new size in one month.

“A man can never make me slim down. A woman should lose weight when it is necessary, especially for her health’s sake,” she told Punch.

“I feel it is the business of those that are bashing me because I am trying to be healthy for myself and not for anybody.

“I do not care what they are saying about (my) losing weight or not.

“They do not expect me to be ‘thick’ forever, do they? I recently started this weight loss regimen about a month ago.

“I reduced what I ate and I was able to achieve this weight loss.”

According to her, she now takes “a lot of vegetables and take a lot of juice; everything I eat has to be nurturing.

“I used to love pounded yam, but I stopped eating all that. Now I prefer to take carrots. Also, I was on a ketogenic diet, it worked for me but it is not for everybody.”