Why 'Church Wedding' Is Not Better Than Traditional Wedding - Omokri
Adesuwa and Banky W traditional wedding. Source: Zumi NG

“Church wedding” is not better than traditional African wedding since it does not have a foundation in the scripture, a former presidential aide Reno Omokri has said.

According to Omokri, what many refer to as “church wedding” is a traditional marriage of the Europeans which was introduced by the missionaries.

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In a series of tweets, he said “Your African Native Wedding is as Holy as a Church Wedding.

“Church marriage or White Wedding originated in the Catholic Church in the year 1563. There is NOTHING Christian about it and EVERYTHING European about it.

“It is not even in The Bible. Your native African marriage is as valid, in God’s sight, as a White Wedding‪.

“The psyche of many Africans is so damaged to the extent they believe church weddings are the only acceptable marriage in God’s eye.

“From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible. has nothing like [a] church wedding. It is a European custom, no better than native African weddings.”