Ladam Bosso

Ladan Bosso has parted ways with former Federation Cup winners FC IfeauyiUbah after the club allegedly failed to pay players their salaries.

IfeanyiUbah reportedly owe their players up to eight months in salaries and allowances.

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Bosso, who is the President of the Nigeria Coaches Association, told reporters on Thursday that he had spoken with the club management but decided to quit after the talks yielded no results.

He said, “It is a well-known fact that you cannot play football on an empty stomach. These players are the major actors in the sport and without them, whatever I know as a coach will come to nothing.

“It has been a year I joined the club and I decided to quit after our exit from the Aiteo Cup because the players have not been paid for a while and it has affected the team’s activities. I cannot be a party to a situation where players are denied what is due to them – most of these players are breadwinners of their families and they can’t play good football when their mind is divided between the game and how to provide for their families.

“The failure to pay the players’ salaries affected our performances in the Aiteo Cup and I couldn’t blame the players because I knew what they were going through. I spoke with the management and explained my stand to them but since nothing tangible happened, I decided it was time to leave.

“I have always been in the forefront of fighting for the right of players because I know that happy players will result in good performances on the pitch – they will play their hearts out knowing that they have nothing to worry about. But if the club still need my services, they should settle the players and after that we can talk about a new contract.”

IfeanyiUbah, who won the Aiteo Cup in 2016, were 17th in the NPFL before the league was suspended after 24 rounds of matches.

They were also eliminated from the Aiteo Cup by second-tier league side J. Atete in the round of 32.