Lagos Chamber Of Commerce Urges FG To Concession Onitsha Port
Seaport In Nigeria. Image: Leadership NG

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the federal government to also stretch its port reforms to those in the eastern part of the country.

The LCCI President Babatunde Ruwase said this on Tuesday in Lagos at the  unveiling of a report titled ‘Maritime Ports Reform in Nigeria: Feedback from the Organised Private Sector.’

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According to Ruwase, the government should also finalise concession of Onitsha seaport.

He said, “In addition, there are painful reports of loss/damage of perishable agricultural exports due to extended time spent by the trucks before getting to the ports or the poor condition of warehouses at the ports.

“For instance, about 25 per cent of cashew nuts being exported from Lagos to Vietnam in 2017 went bad or were downgraded due to these factors.”