Brett Kavanaugh

The US Senate is due to receive an FBI report on allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Its conclusions will not be made public, but senators will be able to review the report on Thursday.

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Republicans and Democrats remain bitterly divided on whether to approve Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge.

The judge has vehemently denied all allegations against him.

Last week Professor Christine Blasey Ford testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh and another man had assaulted her when they were teenagers in the 1980s.

Another woman, Deborah Ramirez, has accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her during a drinking game when they were students at Yale University in the 1980s.

After Prof Ford’s testimony, the Senate panel approved Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination but asked for the FBI to conduct further inquiry before the full Senate voted on his appointment to America’s top court.