Oracle Appoints Andrew Sordam As New VP For Sub-Saharan Africa
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Natassia Badenhorst, Corporate Communications Manager, South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa, said Oracle has appointed Andrew Sordam as Vice President for sub-Saharan Africa.

Badenhorst said Sordam’s appointment was based on his expertise in transforming public and private businesses in this digital era.

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According to her, Sordam would drive Oracle’s emerging technology solutions to the next level in the region.

”Sordam was most recently Vice President for Oracle’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business across EMEA.

”He brings with him a keen understanding of what is required by both enterprise and public sector customers to transform their businesses in the digital era,” Badenhorst said in a statement.

Sordam said Oracle had been present in Africa for the last 30 years and had been investing on the continent aggressively for the last ten years.

“I am eager to be a part of the Oracle Africa team, watching them transform the face of business on the continent as they drive digital transformation success for our customers across the region. says Andrew Sordam, Vice President for sub-Saharan Africa at Oracle.

“Digitalisation is permeating every industry and geography with cloud becoming an essential component of business transformation.

”Organisations across the continent are embarking on innovative digital transformation initiatives and I’m excited that these projects are driving the continent forward in ways we can only imagine,” Sordam said.