Mourinho Explains Why United Drew With Valencia
Mourinho angry after United failed to win at home against Wolves

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has said his strikers should have converted their chances in Tuesday’s Champions League draw with Valencia.

United drew blank with the Spanish team at the Old Trafford, stretching their winless streak to four matches.

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While speaking after the encounter, Mourinho admitted that his side should have won had the players scored when the chances came.

He also said the team does not have the “technical quality”  to win the match.

“We don’t have the technical quality to build from the back,” Mourinho said.

“The players tried. They raised the level of their intensity in spite of the fact we don’t have many with that intensity.

“We had probably a couple of the biggest chances to win it but I have accepted the result as a fair result.”

He added that “We tried to do something we did well which was to stop a fast team on the counter-attack. We knew we wouldn’t create 20 chances.”

“Our attacking players aren’t in their best moments of confidence and individual level. We thought with three or four chances we would score and win the game.

“It is a not a bad result. Not a good result, but not bad. We have two matches against Juventus to make points. It is a very difficult group, yes.

“We have Newcastle (this weekend) before the league stops, then we have Chelsea and Juventus in three days. It will be good for the team if we can beat Newcastle.”