African Union Says Continent Losing $700 To Aflatoxin
Image: DW

Africa is losing $700 million yearly to Aflatoxin which contaminates stable food and cash crop, the African Union Commission Chairperson Mousa Faki has said.

Faki’s revelation came on Tuesday in Dakar, the Senegal capital at the 3rd Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA) partnership platform meeting.

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According to Faki, the losses are due to the inability of most crops from Africa affected by aflatoxin to meet global standards.

”Aflatoxins continue to contribute to large post harvest losses in many crops further contributing to food insecurity and economic loss in Africa.”

Concise News understands that The PACA  country planning approach is a plan to bring positive changes in aflatoxin control at country level and drive continental efforts on food safety.