The World Will Envy Nigeria Soon - Osinbajo Predicts
Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo. Twitter

Speaking at Independence day gala night, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has expressed his optimism that sooner than later, Nigeria will be the envy of the world.

He said this at the event which held at the state house, Abuja.

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Osinbajo, while addressing dignitaries at different levels, said he has a strong conviction that Nigeria will do well.

“The reason why we are so optimistic is because we know that we are the best, we know we are going to excel, it may seem like it’s taking a while, and there are many problems, but every one of the over 1,000 days that I have been Vice President for, I grow stronger in my complete confidence that we are going to be the envy of the whole world in a few short years. Well, you might say that that is optimistic, why not, I am a Nigerian” Osinbajo said

Speaking Further, Osinbajo recalled the achievement of the country by the British Independent newspaper which regards the people of the Nation as the happiest people on the surface of the earth.

”A few years ago, a poll reported in The British Independent newspaper declared us the happiest people on earth. The same poll said that we were also amongst the most optimistic people on earth, despite everything that we’ve experienced as a nation. I agree with both assessments, in other words, that we are possibly one of the happiest in the world, but I must also add that we are by far the most humorous people on the face of the earth. Well, if you don’t agree with me, but I can tell you so many reasons why we are the most humourous.

“A few months ago, an important Nigerian politician who was on his way to a trial in a court said he was abducted. And after he escaped from his abductors, he remained hiding on a tree for 11 hours. The most interesting part of that story is that many people online in particular, on the Internet, started to tell stories of different birds and how long those birds could remain perched on a tree. All these were the Nigerian contributions to that story.

“Yet another very important politician insists, and still insists that the most important attribute for leadership is dancing, and boy could he dance! And for those who think that that is ridiculous at least 200,000 people voted for him in a particular election.” He said.