What I Would Do For Nigeria If I Become President - Atiku
Atiku. Image: Premium TImes

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said he would restructure the country and also create jobs if elected as president in 2019.

Atiku noted that his wealth of experience as the number two person in Nigeria, as was as his track record in entrepreneurship, makes him an ideal man to lead in 2-019.

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He added that he is a man of vision, and would make policies that would turn around the fortunes of the West African nation.

“In the private sector, I have a track record of job creation and I had created more jobs than any other aspirant,” he told Punch.

“I have the ability to see opportunities and turn them to wealth creating opportunities.
I have the ability to pool the best minds together to move the country forward and has proven that both in the public sector and my private businesses.

According to him, he is a “detribalized leader who sees Nigeria as his constituency.
Atiku has a great understanding of governance; he is a person with vision, passion, policies and political will to get things done.”

Furthermore, he recalled that “In 2015, Nigerians voted for change and in the last three years, they have grown increasingly distressed about the change they received – job losses, businesses closed, farmers impoverished, our people being divided more than ever before and rising insecurity.

“Atiku Abubakar will run a campaign across all of Nigeria that begins addressing these issues.

“His campaign will be like his government talking and working with the states and people of Nigeria to restructure and create jobs, wealth for farmers, and business opportunities for youths and lifting Nigerians out of poverty.

“The campaign will be the start of getting Nigeria working again.”