Alibaba Expresses Gratitude For 30 Years On Stage
Ali Baba. Source: Instagram.

Having performed on stage for 30 years, Nigerian legendary comedian Alibaba has shown gratitude for his journey in his career.

Not leaving behind those who have contributed to his success, the comic thanked those who have supported him likewise.

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He wrote: “I’m all hands up… Take all Glory Lord. You brought me this far. 30 years on stage. You have used helpers on my path to destiny. You have opened doors and shut many. I kneel before you in praise and adoration.

“I celebrate because you made it possible. I have come this far because of all you have made possible. The family, the friends, the clients, the colleagues, the jobs… all because of your grace and love. I thank you for my family. For tolerating me, my excesses, my failings, my absence and my dark sides.

“What shall I render to you but praise. A certain catch phrase that says “MANY HAVE GONE”, is why I am most thankful. It’s not because I am wiser, better educated or more deserving, it’s just by your grace. Many things may not have been clear from the start. But you, LORD, knew the beginning from the end. The end is still far… But then again, only you know. I thank you for those you have used me to influence.

“I remain eternally grateful for people who sacrificed their time and self to get me here. I definitely, have offended, many in the last 30 years, and yes, I have pleased many too. For those who got the wrong end of me… forgive and please understand.

“I meant Well. If you got the best of me, you are welcome. I remain humbled by the opportunities and the relationships. I know I have, many times not been who you wanted me to be… But hey, that’s why I am human like you. There is more in me, and as I set forth in the next 30 years, inshallah,

“I pray I will have reasons to be of impact to anyone who I come in contact with. It’s a new day. It’s a new me. It’s a new beginning.”