AY. Photo credit: Instagram.

Popular Nigerian comedian cum actor, Ayo Makun, AY, has declared his intention to be nonharmful towards Dbanj’s post.

The music mogul who had shared a post of himself and his wife, Lineo in a vacation in Dubai had several comments from fans and friends, including the ace comedian.

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Nigerian broadcaster, N6, however, recently criticised the comedian for allegedly making an insensitive comment after D’banj uploaded a video of himself having fun with his wife on Instagram.

Reacting to the video, AY wrote; “Things like this only tell me that we are coming for a naming ceremony soon. Celebrations will never depart from your home. You’ve passed God’s test. Happiness is free.”

Though the post looked harmless, N6 and his co-host, Joyce Onyemuwa, felt otherwise – according to the media personalities, it was wrong for AY to insinuate that the death of D’banj’s child was God’s test.

In his response to their reaction, AY said; “It was not necessary (referring to the OAP’s comment about him). Immediately, I saw the comment, I read other people’s views. Once I noticed that other people’s views and how they saw the whole thing contradicted the person who was trying to get attention by slamming me, I didn’t care. He got the backlash at the end of the day.”