Senator Ahmed Makarfi

A former Governor of Kaduna State and presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senator Ahmed Makarfi has admitted that infiltration of opposition camps was normal in politics.

The former caretaker chairman of the PDP was reacting to the claim by Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has planted some presidential aspirants within the PDP.

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Speaking to newsmen, Makarfi expressed doubt that any of the presidential candidates were planted by the APC.

Makarfi said: “In politics, even when PDP was in power, I know that PDP tried to infiltrate other political parties.

“So, don’t expect that the party in power now will not try to infiltrate the opposition parties. That is a normal thing in politics.

“If you are in the opposition, you try to infiltrate the party in power to at least have first-hand information on what is going on, the same way the government will try to infiltrate the opposition to know what the opposition is planning.

“A mole may be one that is given a specific task to sabotage. I can’t say for sure that there is any aspirant that has been given a task to sabotage.

“But, espionage even among governments takes place, not to talk of among other political parties or groups.

“They are things we should expect actually, that is why everybody has to be doubly careful about the way they go about doing their politics; you don’t leave your flanks wide open.

“How did APC come to power in 2015? Openly, key members of PDP left and joined them. But that was not the fatal blow.

“The fatal blow was from those who actually remained in PDP but worked for APC. So, don’t rule out that people can also remain in APC, not because they like it, but because they may wish to work for us.

“I don’t rule out that. It happened in 2015 against the PDP, and it can happen in 2019 against the APC. So, I don’t want us to overplay this, because we may even be throwing away issue which can end up benefiting the party one way or the other. It all depends on how you look at it.”