Jonathan Says David Mark Can Unite Nigeria As President
Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Immediate past President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan, says only a man with the strength of character and clear conscience like Senator David Mark is needed to rebuild a fragmented and disunited Nigeria in 2019.

Playing host to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential hopeful in his Yenogoa home in Bayelsa, southern Nigeria, Jonathan said Nigeria has never been so disunited than now, saying “we are only existing superficially and this is very dangerous.”

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Jonathan said the major problem the next President would face is the challenge of uniting the country and giving every section a sense of belonging.

He said staying together is what everyone desires “because the global community respects and value us because of our size and population.”

“As President of Nigeria, I worked harmoniously with Mark as President of the Senate”, Jonathan recalled.

“He demonstrated patriotism and loyalty to his fatherland. His colleagues admitted that he is a detribalized leader. He is the kind of man the nation needs now,” the former President added.

Jonathan expressed optimism that the PDP would get it right in the 2019 election.

Earlier, Director-General of the David Mark Campaign Organization, Senator Zainab Kure, paid glowing tribute to Jonathan for his uncommon leadership quality and sacrifices made to keep the nation united.

He pointed out that Nigerians would forever be grateful to the immediate past president.