Woman Beats Reality Show Rival For A Date With Husband (VIDEO)
Scene of the fight

Female reality contestant beat up her rival on live TV for going on a date with her husband on a Russian reality show “Doom (house) 2.”

In the clip, from the show program which is the most watched in Russia, “Dom [house] 2”, Tatiana Blumenkranz, 25, is seen repeatedly kicking Mariana Petria, 24, on the ground.

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It is believed she attacked Mariana after she enjoyed a romantic dinner with her husband Valery Blumenkranz, 29, who is also on the show.

A group of contestants who were in the communal area heard Mariana’s screams and ran over to intervene, pulling both women away from each other.

Eventually, Valery Blumenkranz grabbed his wife and put her into a headlock before the other contestants pushed her away.

Tatiana Blumenkranz and Valery Blumenkranz, who have a child together, are reportedly on the verge of divorce after Mariana was seen kissing and cuddling with Valery Blumenkranz.