Mr. Ibu Reveals Why He Quit Social Media
John Okafor. Source: Instagram.

Veteran Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu has revealed that he quit social media after his accounts were hacked, saying he has no plan of returning soon.

The actor, formally called John Okafor, who was recently embroiled in a sexual scandal, noted that fame came with a lot of price.

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According to him, some of those who claim to love him, actually, do things on the contrary.

“Hackers made me quit social media. They hacked [into] my Facebook account, my Twitter handle and my email,” he told Vanguard.

“I am no longer active on social media. As I m talking to you now, I don’t have an email address. I had to shut down my email because of hackers.”

He added that he “had to publish a disclaim in a national newspaper to exonerate [me] from blames.

“There were also instances were my enemies pretend to be my fans. One of such experiences was when my fans besieged me at a function.

“And before I knew what was happening, somebody in their mix almost made me to pass out.

“The person was busy hitting me with something like an iron on the head and I was bleeding profusely. I had to escape from the crowd and till date, I’m still feeling the pain on my head.”