Huawei juice van packed outside Apple shop in London/cnbc.com

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei trolled Apple by driving a van past the U.S. tech giant’s flagship London store on Friday, as the iPhone XS and XS Max went on sale.

The Huawei van was serving juice to passers-by with the tagline: “Get ju%ce that lasts,” followed by “No traces of Apple.” The reference was to battery life, with Huawei claiming its phones last longer.

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Apple’s flagship devices went on sale Friday with the technology giant hoping the smartphones will help boost revenues, profit and the average selling price.

Huawei is trying hard to challenge Apple. It recently overtook the iPhone-maker as the second-largest smartphone manufacturer by market share.

It’s not the first time the Chinese tech titan has tried to upstage Apple. During the Apple launch event in San Francisco earlier this month, Huawei Mobile’s official Twitter account sent out posts mocking the new iPhone without naming it.

While Huawei has overtaken Apple on a global basis, it still trails the U.S. firm in the premium segment of the market, according to Counterpoint Research, which defines premium as handsets that are priced $400 or more. In the second quarter of 2018, Apple captured 43 percent of the premium smartphone segment versus 9 percent for Huawei.