Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with his father.

Pierre Francois Aubameyang, the father of Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick, has been announced as one of two joint-head coaches of Gabon.

Aubameyang together with former Gabon striker Daniel Cousin is set to lead the central African side after the departure of Spanish coach Jose Antonio Camacho.

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Francols Amegasse, who like Aubameyang and Cousin once captained the Panthers, has been named the new general manager of the team.

“Given the urgency and the current situation, it was decided to constitute around the Panthers of Gabon a group of coaches with a very good knowledge of Gabonese football and its environment.

“Therefore, we have as national coaches Pierre François Aubameyang and Daniel Cousin, while Francois Amegasse will act as General Manager.

“These three former captains of the national football team deserve, with their strong knowledge on the field and experience of top level competitions, to transmit their experience and tactical abilities to the team.

“The staff, as formed, have as their primary mission to qualify Gabon’s Panthers for the next Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon,” the Gabon Football Federation, Fegafoot announced.

Gabon, currently sit third in Group C of the qualifiers, five and three points adrift of first and second-placed Mali and Burundi respectively. South Sudan is bottom of the group.