Sony mini PlayStation classic/Sony

Sony has unveiled a miniature version of the first PlayStation console, which originally launched in 1994.

The mini version will come with 20 retro titles, including Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3.

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The PlayStation Classic is around half the size of the original and is due to launch on 3 December this year.

The console is the first of Sony’s video game machines to be given this kind of compact makeover. Nintendo has previously made mini versions of its NES and SNES consoles, which also included a set of pre-loaded classic games.

Among other titles to be featured on Sony’s new system are Ridge Racer Type 4, the role-playing game Wild Arms and first-person platformer Jumping Flash.

The device will retail for £89.99. As well as the mini console, an HDMI cable for connecting to a TV and two wired controllers will be included.

The design of the console is faithful to the original – even featuring a disk eject button, despite the lack of an actual disk reader. Instead, pressing the button will swap the game being played for another.

The release date will mark exactly 24 years since the launch of the first PlayStation, which went on sale in Japan on 3 December 1994.