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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said he will make a historic visit to Seoul “in the near future” after a summit with South Korea President Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

And speaking on this development, Moon, who met with Kim over fresh momentum to the stalled effort to eliminate Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons, said the trip could happen this year unless there were “special circumstances”.

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The South Korean leader also said that the North had agreed to “permanently close” a missile engine testing site and launch facility in Tongchang-ri, “in the attendance of experts from relevant nations”.

The North has carried out several missile test launches from Sohae, and has also used many other locations to fire rockets, including Pyongyang airport.

Satellite pictures in August suggested workers were dismantling an engine test stand, in line with a promise already made to US President Donald Trump.

Moon also said the North could close its Yongbyon nuclear facility if Washington takes “corresponding measures”, a significant caveat.