Elder Statesman Yakasai Reacts To Suspension Of Nat'l Carrier
Image: Twitter

Elder statesman Tanko Yakasai has said the suspension of Nigeria Air by the Federal Government was in the best interest of the country.

Minister of Aviation (State) Hadi Sirika had on Wednesday announced the suspension of the Nigeria Air project, two months after the name and logo was launched.

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Reacting to the move, Yakasai said it was a good development so that the government could plan well before it finally begins the business.

“So once again, i commend the FG for taking this bold initiative to even float the idea of a new national carrier, but most importantly i respect its decision to suspend it and return back to the drawing board till we have a very solid plan before rolling out. Aiki dai Sirika!” he tweeted.

“As a govt official, I’ve seen 1st hand, how such criticisms have made governance better in my state.

“While those doing it are mostly driven by their desire to embarrass the govt, but their actions in the end, assist it in ensuring that whatever issue were raised, are addressed.”

He added that “While some are basking in their “I-TOLD-YOU-SO” moment, it is important to understand that critics are welcomed if meaningful development is to take place.

“If people will criticise constructively, I am certain a responsible govt will certainly listen & take in all the criticisms.

“Repeatedly, this administration has proved that it is indeed a listening one, when superior arguments are put forward, they take all into account and make the neccessary adjustments, sometimes even suspend some like this, this is the type of government that Nigeria needs.”