Flood: LG In Jigawa Unify To Save Marawaji Bridge From Collapse
File: Flooding. Source: Spartint

The Kirikasamma Local Government Council in Jigawa has moved to begin the erection of a sandbag embankment at Marawaji Bridge in order to save it from collapse.

Concise gathers that the existence of the bridge, which connects 20 other communities, is being threatened by flood.

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Speaking at the project site at Kirikassama, the council’s Chairman, Alhaji Salisu Kubayo, said the council had acquired an excavator, a tipper and over 2000 sacks for the project.

“The release of water from Tiga Dam means that disaster will soon befall us if we do not take urgent measures to prevent this bridge from collapse.

“Due to the high volume of water, it washed away the surface leading to the two entrances to the bridge, making movements of people and vehicles almost impossible.

“We are now building a sandbag embankment to stop the water from going out of its way to destroy the bridge,” he said.

Kubayo who donated a thousand sack, advised them to avoid being ravaged by flood like the neighboring communities and urged them to use the sacks for the purpose they were meant.

“Do not divert them for personal use, if you use these sacks judiciously, you will save lives and property in over 30 communities currently at risk of being destroyed by flood in Kirikasamma,” he appealed.