Image courtesy The Nigeria Lawyers

The Director of Media for the Buhari Campaign Organisation, Festus Keyamo, has lambasted former President Goodluck Jonathan for shielding corrupt officials at the expense of the country’s integrity.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday accepted ex-Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun’s resignation letter, replacing her with Zainab Ahmed.

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In a series of post on Twitter, Keyamo praised Buhari for taking time to investigate the allegation and ensuring that Justice was served.

He wrote: “There’s hardly ANY govt in the world where scandals concerning its officials do not arise. The difference is how various govts REACT to these scandals. Some shield officials at the expense of integrity of the State. Others preserve d integrity of the State at the expense of the officials

“Kemi Adeosun & other similar ones in the past, PMB didn’t rush to satisfy public frenzy. He calmly took his time to get to the bottom of these cases & EVENTUALLY ensured that the right thing was done to protect the integrity of the State.

“The resignation of Adeosun under PMB’s govt is in sharp contrast to d case of Dikko, the CG of Customs under the past govt, who was shielded for 5 YEARS until the govt was voted out despite d person who ACTUALLY forged his WAEC certificate for him swearing to that fact PUBLICLY on oath.

“In terms of a sense of shame & consciousness about the integrity of the State, we cannot compare the past callous, shameless & integrity-challenged govt with that of PMB that EVENTUALLY ensures the right thing is done at all times to protect the State instead of questionable officials.

“Having sacrificed members of his cabinet and other close officials, Nigerians should have faith that any alleged pending case of corruption against any govt official being bandied in the media is either frivolous or quietly being investigated as there are no SACRED COWS with PMB.

“We saw a case where a past President could not sack a powerful female Minister because of all the alleged shady deals they did together (some of which are now being revealed). In this case Kemi Adeosun testified to the unquestionable integrity of PMB in her resignation letter.”