Tottenham Coach Reacts To Liverpool Defeat
Liverpool stretch winning run in Premier League to five with win over Spurs at Wembley (Photo credit: Reuters)

Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has said his team was robbed in their 2-1 loss to Liverpool on Saturday at the Wembley Stadium.

Sadio Mane was not given a penalty after a clumsy challenge from Son Heung-min which could have leveled the game.

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Speaking after the match, Pochettino said “I think they were better. We competed, we were close and the last action was crazy because it was a penalty.”

“We should be talking in a different way, but Liverpool were better.

“I am disappointed with the result. We need to keep working and improving. It’s only early in the season, we need to improve a lot.”

He added that “It is easy to criticise the performance because we lost the game and conceded many chances, but the circumstances were the same when we beat Manchester United.

“It is a lot to analyse and try to fix. I think we are far way in terms of performance.

“It is early in the season. It is a moment to be calm and clear with the assessment, help the team to improve and be more consistent in our performance.

“I am not a person who suffers too much. I try to find the solution. Don’t worry for me – we need to be worried for the real things. I am so good, I am so happy.

“We started the season with good results, but we knew the circumstances and the reality after the World Cup were completely different.

“I was relaxed and not worried and today I am relaxed and not worried. My faith in this group of players is 200 percent, not 100 percent.”