National Interest Made Me Stay With APC, Sani Speaks Out
Senator Shehu Sani/ Facebook

Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central, has said his refusal to not to join any other opposition party should be credited to his national patriotism in ensuring a better Nigeria.

He made this known while addressing the question of why he has decided to remain with the party despite his high level of dissatisfaction with the incumbent presidential administration.

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Last month, the lawmaker said he refused to leave the party due to national interest which he put over his own personal interests so as to contribute to the nation’s progress.

“Well, there is no human being without any grievances but when national interest is put at the front side you have to put aside other parochial interests.

“What we need to do as politicians and as people representing those who elected us is to always put the country first and know very well that we have both constitutional and moral duty to work to the progress of Nigeria and of this government.

“So, I think these are the basic issues which we discussed, grievances are natural but we have to know that we have a country that we need to keep and also we have a country that we need to support so that it can progress.

“I think the party had made it very clear and known to each and every person that there will be reward for loyalty but in every sense of the word due process of the party needs to be followed.

“And as far as we are concerned, what matters most to us is not simply about automatic ticket but about the peaceful and transparent conduct of the 2019 election and also the very need for us as a people and as a nation to know that the fate of the country is on our hands.” Sani said.