Survivors Of Ebola Might Experience It Again - Medical Expert
File: Healthcare workers

A professor of Cambridge University, Jonathan Heeney, has raised the alarm over tendencies of some Ebola survivors having a reoccurrence the virus in the deeper compartments of their bodies where the immune system may not be able to clear.

Veterinary Pathology who said this at the 10th Convocation Lecture of the Redeemer’s University in Ede, Osun, poke on the theme: “Dare To Change: Turning The Tide against Nigeria’s Health Threats.”

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Heeney said the chance of finding the virus in the semen of 30 per cent of male Ebola survivors six months or longer after they must have recovered from the disease is on the high rate.

Listing the inner compartments of the body where the virus might be noticed as the eyes, the brain, the testes and the joints.

“Breast milk transmission has also been observed, indicating that mother-to-child transmission may also occur from Ebola female survivors.

“Importantly, while an Ebola survivor is healthy, the risk that they may secrete the virus is low and the risk of transmitting the virus casually is negligible, “Heeney said.

The professor, however, said that one of the greatest challenges is how to develop a vaccine that would not only protect people against Ebola but also against its other filovirus family members.

According to Heeney, other scientific collaborators and he have started developing a vaccine.

He said that that the vaccine had the potential to protect people from three different kinds of hemorrhagic fever viruses and could be used across Africa.