Periodic Check-Up Is Expedient, Expert Advises Retirees
Image of some retirees in Nigeria

A medical practitioner, Dr Adesina Olubiyi, says the need for a periodic medical check is expedient, hence, advising retirees to adopt a healthy lifestyle of having their health checked at intervals.

Olubiyi gave the advice while speaking at the Stanbic-IBTC Pre-retirement Forum in Abuja.

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He made the retirees understood that some ailments occur due to age and is influenced by the kind of lifestyles which involves what is being consumed.

In counselling what was better for their bracket to consume, the Olubiyi encouraged them to feed more on food that contained Fibre, adding that at this will help prevent such ailments.

Among such ailments, he said are, diabetics, stroke, hypertension, amongst others.

“We should not just eat anything that comes our away, especially at this stage of our life, but take into consideration their health benefits to our body,“ he said.

“Averagely in a day, you should take 10,000 steps and avoid being sedentary, consume less of salt and develop interest in checking your Blood Pressure (BP).“

He further advised this groups to do away with alcohol, smoking and other things that has the tendency of destroying their pancreas, among others.

According to him, some of the ailments that afflict the aged do not show any signs or symptoms; therefore conscious efforts should be geared toward avoiding them through eating the right foods.