Paediatrician Warns Mothers On Improper Healthcare of Children
File image of mother and child

Paediatrician, Dr Okiemute Olibamoyo, says the need for educating mothers against indulging in practices that can affect the health of their children has become paramount.

Olibamoyo of the Department of Paediatrics, College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, made the call in an interview in Lagos.

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According to her, she mentioned parents especially in this part of the world engage in the execution of things that are harmful to the safety of the kids.

According to her, she mentioned some of these things, such as the act of a mother deepening the feet of her child in oil amidst others. there are lots of practices being performed by mothers on their children that are wrong.

“Only regular and frequent public health enlightenment can stop it.

“One of such common and deadly practices being performed by mothers is when a child has a seizure or convulsion as most people know.

“You see the mother putting the child’s feet in hot oil, water or fire. This is wrong.

“Like the one that we saw in our children’s emergency where the child’s feet was severely burnt because he had convulsion and the mother’s resolve was to put the child’s feet on a burning stove.’’

She noted the right thing to be done when a child is in convulsion, is to aptly move the child away from any environment or object that can cause them more harm.

She said that convulsion only lasts for a minute, except if it is the protracted one which could last for about 30 minutes, hence, stopping mothers from inserting sharp objects into the mouth of the child.

“It can even puncture their gums and the back of the throat or break their jaws, depending on what the person trying to help used.

“The person trying to help can also get a serious bite,’’ the expert said.

She advised that a child with prolonged convulsion should be quickly rushed to a nearby hospital for help.

She urged mothers to ensure proper management of fever in their children, advising that proper drugs should be given to control convulsion.