FIRS To Stop Multiple Taxations In LGs Across Nigeria
FIRS office. Image: Guardian NG

The Federal Inter Revenue Service (FIRS) has said called on local government councils to accept stickers issued from other regions in the country.

Executive Chairman of the FIRS Tunde Fowler said this was to avoid cases of multiple taxations in the country.

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Fowler said this in a communique after a recent meeting of the Joint Tax Board.

“To avoid incidence of double taxes, any emblem/sticker obtained in any one local government area in the country should be acceptable in other local government areas across the country,” the FIRS boss said.

He added that “Our sense of responsibility stems from the fact that the nation is relying on us to provide it with adequate funds with which to fund its development objectives.

“More so now that we can no longer rely on oil revenue as the major source of funding, we have to seek innovative ways to maximise non-oil revenue collection.”

He added that “Nigeria’s tax-to-GDP ratio is still one of the lowest in the world and we have to increase this significantly if we are to provide the funds that will give us meaningful development and take the country back to the days when things worked,