Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. AFP

Brazil’s far-right presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday underwent surgery for complications from a stab wound he suffered while campaigning.

The operation was necessary because of a blockage of the small intestine, Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo said, adding that the procedure was successful.

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With the much more popular former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in prison and out of the race, Bolsonaro is leading in the polls ahead of the October 7 vote for a new president.

A leftwing assailant stabbed Bolsonaro last week as he did a campaign walkabout in the town of Juiz de Flora in southeastern Minas Gerais state.

After the attack, he first underwent a colostomy.

Bolsonaro’s son Flavio said the latest surgery went well.

“My father is paying a very high price for wanting to save Brazil. He is literally giving his blood,” the son, a state lawmaker who is running for a seat in the federal senate, wrote on Twitter.