Cave boys
Thai cave boys return to school/

A Thai film company has said that they would be making a movie, telling the story of the 12 young Thai footballers who were trapped in a cave.

The company joined the scramble to shoot a movie based on the true-life account of the 12 young footballers and their coach who were rescued from a flooded cave after 11 days.

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AFP reports that Hollywood producers and documentary makers have their hands on deck, and are researching factual documents to bring this movie to life.

One of the latest company who has agreed to finance the movie is a Bangkok production company called De Warrenne Pictures.

It was gathered that De Warrenne Pictures intend to shoot their version titled, “The Cave” in November.

Producer Katrina Grose told AFP that the “project is already set”.

Grose also revealed that the movie would be directed by a Bangkok-based filmmaker of mixed Thai-Irish descent, Tom Walker.

This movie would cover a detailed account of the reason that led to the cave trap and their love for football.

The movie is also expected to remember the ex-Naval Seal who died during the 11-day chaotic experience for the coach and the boys.

The cave divers who were also part of the rescue team would be covered.

After their rescue, AFP learned that an artificial cave was recreated, where the boys relived their moments spent in the cave.

A lot of people are waiting for this movie which promises to be captivating.