Youthfulness Inadequate For Seeking Political Positions - Oshiomhole
APC National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole. Image: Guardian Nigeria

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole has said that youthfulness is not enough to seek a political position.

Oshiomhole said as a leader, experience and other things are needed to come out successful.

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According to the former Edo State Governor, most youths do not have the needed exposure, saying age is not a quality of a great leader.

“I don’t want our young people to wonder under this illusion that age is a quality, just because you are young therefore or you assume you will do better. What will count is exposure and ability to lead,” he told Channels TV.

“We need to look at our income distribution and see whether there is a correlation between age and wealth.

“You are not supposed to start learning leadership with human lives, you are supposed to start learning how to manage, how to superintend a system.”

He added that “Not just too young to run for political office, but also not too young to run a business; not too young to run an enterprise.

“Look at what is happening around the world, the founders of Apple and Facebook, these were very young people; they were not too young to become billionaires.

“If you look at the world richest people today they are not the oldest people. There are a lot of young men under 40, under 30 who are multi-billionaires who have overtaken Bill Gates on account of their intelligence and resourcefulness that is one explanation.”