The political under-tone of ace rapper iLLbliss’ latest song “It Is God” has seen the country being described as an organisation with 36 branches.

The soundtrack which has three verses highlights the issues of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) brutality, the incessant killings in the country and the conflict of interest among politicians in the country.

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He said in the third verse, “This is not a country

“they run it like a company!

“They run it like a corporation, 36 branches, move money in tranches

“…buy ranches offshore politicians secure seeds in Ivy League schools Back home lecturers be downing tools! Nothing still worksDonTgive two f****s

“…when a man is broke and hungry the crime rate shoots up, dollar rate shoots up, inflation shoot up

“…some loony might run up in the Senate and shoot up! And Rochas Still commissioning statues!

“Kids growing up with G boys for role models! You failed us you traded us in for personal gains and profit! I’m still here rocking slave outfits.”

As the 2019 general elections approach, “It Is God” is one of the soundtracks to listen to.