Jonah Jang
Senator Jonah Jang

A former governor of Plateau State and Presidential aspirant, Jonah Jang, has described the rate at which Nigerians are being killed as worrisome.

Jang, a senator representing Plateau North District in the Senate, spoke with reporters in Abuja on Monday when he visited the national headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party to submit his presidential nomination and expression of interest forms.

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He said pregnant women and children were being killed as if there was no government in the country.

He also said the alarming rate at which innocent Nigerians were being killed was one of the reasons that spurred him to aspire to lead the country.

He said, “I have decided to run this race because I have seen what Nigeria is going through.

“Today under the APC government, Nigeria is gradually becoming a pariah’s nation. A nation that will wake up every morning to the stories of killings of innocent citizens of this country.

“Pregnant women, stomach are torn open by some hoodlums that just walk across the borders of Nigeria as if there is no government in this country and the government is unable to do anything about it

“Our people have been suffering in the North-East unabated. We have been told that Boko Haram has been defeated at one stage. The moment they make such an announcement, you will get to know that Boko Haram has either even taken over a military unit or has ambushed our soldiers.

“In Zamfara, again this problem is unabated there. Any government that cannot ensure the security of its people has no legitimacy any longer to remain in power.”

Jang said that he would use his background as an “accomplished military general that had fought wars” to keep the country together and defeat the insurgency.

He said, “Having also served as a military governor in most of the states that are today under crisis, the old Gongola State which is Adamawa and Taraba, the old Benue State and Plateau State, I believe that I have gathered enough experience in security matters and in administration, “ he added.

On the clamour for restructuring, the former governor said he believed that the nation required “restructuring seriously,” because of the total imbalance in the federation. He added that there must be proper power sharing among the three tiers of governments.

He said, “I will, therefore, make it a priority to restructure this country.”

“When I talk of restructuring, we cannot decree restructuring, restructuring has to come from under constitutional amendments as we cannot throw away the constitution completely since there has to be a government in place.”